Helping families enjoy safe online experiences together

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As a parent, you play an important role in helping your children have safe and positive experiences online. Resources are available to help you understand the issues, manage the risks and share safe and rewarding online experiences together.

The Cybersmart website provides practical advice and tools to understand cyber safety issues and strategies to manage the risks. Download the free Parent's Cyber Safety Toolbox, get the right advice, and enjoy shared online experiences with your family.

Think U Know promotes education for children and teenagers to equip them with the awareness and skills to identify risks and avoid dangers in the online realm. There is practical tips and resources for parents too.

Online safety isn't only just important when using the computer. Many mobile phones and portable devices now have internet access, and Apps are becoming increasingly popular. Common Sense Media helps parents to understand the technology and provide useful guidelines for ensuring the content you access is appropriate and safe for your child. Particularly useful is the reviews section for apps to help you make informed choices before hitting the download button.

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Helpful Links

Visit the Cybersmart website for information and resources for children, teenagers, parents and practitioners.

Visit the Think U Know website for information and resources for children, teenagers, parents and practitioners.

Common Sense Media: Advice for parents on all things online, from apps and websites to screentime and portable devices.

App Reviews on Common Sense Media to help you make informed decisions before pressing the download button.

Try the KidRex search engine as a family friendly alternative for families with young children.

Check out the Who Is Hosting This website for their Parent's Guide to Internet Safety.

The Kids Health site contains a good page on Cyberbullying.

Visit the Budget Direct website for an informative blog entry on Digital Safety: Staying Safe Online.

The UK's NetAware website has a lot of information on social networks used by kids all over the world.

As a teacher of over 30 years, I have witnessed the Better Beginnings program helping to transform children’s lives and given them greater potential to grow, learn and develop, perform well at school and succeed in later life.
Councillor David Lagan, Deputy Mayor, City of Stirling

I tell stories in Vietnamese and read to my children in English.  I only started reading English after receiving Better Beginnings. 

One mother reads with her four year old every afternoon after school now.  She said without these books, they would not have any to read. 
Teacher, Remote Community School

It’s wonderful to have support across the community emphasising the importance of reading and language development. 
Community Health Nurse

…I never thought of reading to my baby.  Better Beginnings has really boosted my confidence.