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Get ready to learn with Literacy Planet, a comprehensive literacy resource for ages five and up. Complete activities with your avatar in literacy areas including reading, spelling, and grammar to earn trophies and coins. You can use your coins to buy outfits for your Avatar or take a break with some games in the Arcade.

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If you're new to Literacy Planet you can create a FREE login for your child. Have your WA Public Library Card handy!

Step 1: Head over to

Step 2: Click on New Users to complete the registration form. Start by entering your child's details. Parents, do you have more than one child? No problem! You can create up to four logins, simply click Add Another Student.

Step 3: Select Western Australian Public Libraries from the drop-down menu and enter the barcode number on your Public Library Card.

Step 4: Complete the Parent Details section to get your user names and passwords.

Literacy Planet is licensed under a State-wide agreement through the State Library of Western Australia and is available for personal use from home if you are a Western Australian Public Library member.