Deadly Books for Little Kids

Better Beginnings

This booklist is full of wonderful books perfect for reading aloud with your family, by Aboriginal authors and illustrators here in Australia.

So, what makes a book deadly?

  • A book that you and your children enjoy reading.
  • Stories that look at the world from the viewpoint of a child.
  • Stories that treat all people fairly.
  • Plenty of pictures for children and parents to look at and yarn about.
  • Imaginative and interesting characters and stories that children can relate to.
  • Books by Aboriginal authors from Western Australia.

Have a click through the covers below to learn more, or click the link at the bottom of the page to download the PDF of this booklist.
Need some tips on sharing these books with your child? Ask Mary G!

Don't forget to ask for these books at your local library and book store.

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