Play and learn with everyday materials

Learning happens at home through conversation and discovery. These activities demonstrate that you don't need special materials for setting up activities for your children, you can use everyday materials from around the house. Click on the links below for more information.

Discovery Boxes

These themed boxes are easy to create and provide fun, sensory learning experiences for children.

Coloured Rice

A visual, non-toxic resource that can be used in a number of activities.

Spaghetti Letters

Coloured spaghetti provides a wonderful tactile experience and can be used to make letters, words and pictures.

Play Dough

It's easy to make and soft for little hands to manipulate. Use cookie cutters and rollers or shape different objects with your hands.

Yoghurt Finger Paint

Create non-toxic, edible finger paint with plain yoghurt and food colouring.

Print Awareness:
Labels in the Home

Use labels around the house to develop children's understanding that print conveys meaning.


Ooblek, or slime, is a favourite with young children and its texture changes from liquid to solid as they play.

Chalk Paint

Dilute your Ooblek mixture and use different colours to create washable chalk paint perfect for painting on the pavement.

Shaving Cream Painting

Shaving cream is a great base for a wonderful tabletop sensory experience.

Writing Station

Set up a comfortable area for children to practice writing. Include a range of writing materials and prompts.

Animal Arts and Crafts

Try these fun animal activities at home or in the classroom.

Ten Magic Bottles

Use your recycled plastic bottles to create fun, sensory experiences.

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I always knew reading to my kids was important, but this has opened my eyes to how important and how much.

I tell stories in Vietnamese and read to my children in English.  I only started reading English after receiving Better Beginnings. 

One mother reads with her four year old every afternoon after school now.  She said without these books, they would not have any to read. 
Teacher, Remote Community School

I always knew reading to my kids was important, but this has opened my eyes to how important and how much.

I think it’s been a wonderful initiative.  I feel sure it’s going to benefit both the children and parents and develop links with the library.


It’s wonderful to have support across the community emphasising the importance of reading and language development. 
Community Health Nurse

…I never thought of reading to my baby.  Better Beginnings has really boosted my confidence.

Better Beginnings gave me confidence. I know reading is an everyday tool and teaching my children will help them be more successful in life.