The Better Beginnings Indigenous Program is under development.  It will be an early literacy program that supports families as their child’s first teacher. By giving families the tools and knowledge, they need to feel confident in helping their child learn how to read and count, their little one will also feel confident and ready by the time they go to school. This is done by asking mob how we can help, making up and sending out reading packs and other activities, and linking into the great work community organisations and public libraries are already doing.

We encourage families to Read, Talk, Sing, Write, and Play with bub through activities and books that share the stories, values, and languages of our WA Indigenous communities.

Examples of the sorts of activities you can do with bub include:

  • Having story time each night before bed
  • Pointing out everyday words on signs, at shops, on labels
  • Reading comics or other sections of a newspaper or magazine together.
  • Sharing stories orally
  • Talking about features of a particular animal, plant or place
  • Talking about the letter bub’s name starts with and find other things that start with that letter.
  • Singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” while getting dressed in first language, then trying in English
  • While singing and rhyming, asking child to move along to actions or use tap sticks as they sing
  • Word matching to figure out words that rhyme with basic English words like “hop” or Aboriginal language words like “koort” in Noongar.
  • Drawing and telling sand stories
  • Weaving and other practices that have consistent finger movements
  • Making marks and scribbles in the air, on paper, in sand.
  • Acting out stories
  • Moving like animals that child talks about
  • Playing “Follow the Leader” and try using actions from child’s favourite story.

To find out more about our different programs, please see the Reading Packs section.