Read to me - I Love it!

Better Beginnings for remote Aboriginal communities

Since 2010, Better Beginnings has been providing books and literacy resources to families with children aged 0-5 living in remote Aboriginal communities. The Read To Me – I Love It! reading packs have been specifically developed to be relevant and engaging for Aboriginal families, and to provide tailored early literacy support that is appropriate for the unique context of remote communities.

The Read To Me - I Love It! program aims to make it easier for families in remote Aboriginal communities to share stories together by providing access to books and other literacy resources. In many communities, access to books is limited, and the lack of a local library service often makes it hard for parents and children to share stories together. Better Beginnings provides books and literacy resources that reflect the culture and experiences of Aboriginal families living in remote communities, and aims to make sharing stories easier and more meaningful.

Better Beginnings resources are distributed to families by locally-based services and people, including nurses, playgroups and schools.  When these local distribution partners provide the reading packs to families they pass on these important messages to parents and carers:
  -  Read, talk, sing and play with your children every day, from the time they are born
  -  You can use the pictures in the books to tell the story in your own words
  -  You are your child’s first and most important teacher
  -  Use the library when you go into town

Parents and practitioners will enjoy watching the Better Beginnings video of Mary G explaining the importance of reading to young children and providing suggestions to try at home.

If you live or work in a remote Aboriginal community and would like to know who your local Better Beginnings distribution partners are, please contact us on 9427 3130 or email

Better Beginnings for Aboriginal families

Better Beginnings works in partnership with community-based organisations and services across Western Australia to support Aboriginal families with children aged 0-5. Our partners include:
  -  Aboriginal Health Services
  -  Aboriginal playgroups and early learning centres
  -  Family and parenting services that work with Aboriginal families

If you work for an organisation or service that supports Aboriginal families with children aged 0-5 and would like to find out more about our program, please contact us on 9427 3130 or email