Read to me - I Love it!

Better Beginnings for remote Aboriginal communities

Since 2010 Better Beginnings has been working with distributors in remote Aboriginal communities to deliver resources to families with children up to five years old living in remote areas.

Recognising the need for sustainable strategies and resources that reflect the experiences of Aboriginal families is the primary focus of the Read to me - I love it! project, and specialised reading packs have been developed to support the specific early literacy requirements of children living in remote communities.

Better Beginnings is currently working with over 100 Aboriginal communities throughout Western Australia, including some of the most isolated and remote schools and communities in the world. The program is running Western Australia-wide through a network of distributors, early childhood practitioners, parents, health nurses, teachers and Aboriginal Medical Services. Better Beginnings works directly with community members, chairpersons and Elders to devise culturally appropriate and relevant ways of working, and provides support and training to remote and regional libraries.

The aim is not only to encourage more Aboriginal families to use their library, but also to help these library services become more relevant to the lives of Aboriginal Australians.