Program History: Read To Me - I Love It!

The Read To Me - I Love It! program for Aboriginal families began in 2010 as a pilot program in 30 remote Aboriginal communities in WA. Over the course of the pilot, the State Library of Western Australia supplied books, posters, DVDs and other literacy resources to families. In each pilot community, local Aboriginal people were engaged to distribute the resources to families. These distributors usually worked in health centres, schools or other services in their communities. The objective of the program was to reach every child from birth to five years old, and to provide their parents with strategies to develop and strengthen home literacy practices.

After a successful pilot, the program was offered more widely from 2011. In addition to the original pilot communities, more than 70 new communities signed up between 2011 and 2013. Since the program commenced, the State Library of Western Australia has provided more than 30,000 reading packs to families in approximately 100 remote Aboriginal communities across Western Australia.

The program has been extensively and independently evaluated, which will shape exciting new directions for the program into the future. 


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As a teacher of over 30 years, I have witnessed the Better Beginnings program helping to transform children’s lives and given them greater potential to grow, learn and develop, perform well at school and succeed in later life.
Councillor David Lagan, Deputy Mayor, City of Stirling

…I never thought of reading to my baby.  Better Beginnings has really boosted my confidence.