Better Beginnings in your community

Check the map below to see if your community is signed up. 

We deliver books and literacy resources direct to a person in your community.  This person is known as the distributor. First have a yarn around the community to see if anyone knows who is giving out the resources, or you can contact the Indigenous Literacy Officer at the State Library.

If no-one in your community delivers the Read to Me- I love it! resources, you may like to be that person or you can chat with your community about who would be a good distributors. Better Beginnings works with all kinds of distributors including CEO, Community Development Officers (CDA’s), councils, Elders, teachers, nurses, parents, carers and volunteers.

To sign up call the Indigenous Literacy Officer on 9427 3398 .  Or you can sign up to the Better Beginnings site (as a Practioner in the top right hand corner) and  fill in the form and send it back. 

For further information related to being a distributor please view the Information for distributors page.

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Twitter Updates

I always knew reading to my kids was important, but this has opened my eyes to how important and how much.

I tell stories in Vietnamese and read to my children in English.  I only started reading English after receiving Better Beginnings. 

One mother reads with her four year old every afternoon after school now.  She said without these books, they would not have any to read. 
Teacher, Remote Community School

I always knew reading to my kids was important, but this has opened my eyes to how important and how much.

I think it’s been a wonderful initiative.  I feel sure it’s going to benefit both the children and parents and develop links with the library.


It’s wonderful to have support across the community emphasising the importance of reading and language development. 
Community Health Nurse

…I never thought of reading to my baby.  Better Beginnings has really boosted my confidence.

Better Beginnings gave me confidence. I know reading is an everyday tool and teaching my children will help them be more successful in life.