Looking for ideas for what to read next?

Start with these Read 3 suggestions and get going on your reading journey. Try the links to some new and different online reading. Your local libary is also a great place to to go for fun and activites for the whole family - and it's FREE!

Read! Anytime
Read! Anywhere
Read! Anyhow

Read! Anytime

Take a break and read
something you enjoy for
at least 15 minutes each day.



Read 3 online encylopedia articles Encyclopedia Britannica           Wikipedia

OR Read 3 magazine articles.
Popular Magazines      
Australia/New Zealand Reference Centre

Discover and read 3 fan fiction stories FanFiction.net

Read 3 recipes from a favourite cookbook or blog

Gourmet Traveller Food Blog   
Mouthful a blog about what the world eats - from SBS
Read 3 online news stories
The West Australian   Popular Magazines Plus   

Read about 3 faraway places
Read about your 3 favourite Australians.
Australian Dictionary of Biography Online       Trove

Read! Anywhere

Read on the bus, in the park
or waiting for an appointment.

Read 3 bite sized stories 
"It's never too late...to learn to read" short stories written for the National Year of Reading
Quick Reads  - short and sharp books for busy people or new readers. Read and listen here.

Share 3 stories from childhood 
30 Books to read before you are three
Read 3 stories aloud with family, friends or your pet!

Read about the lives of 3 others
Listen to 3 audio stories - check some of these out at your local library!

Read 3 web comics
Girl Genious - an ongoing adventure story. (Recommended for 13+)
Zahra's Paradise - an online serial webcomic in English, Farsi, Arabic and other languages
Read 3 deadly stories
Deadly books for little kids
25 strories written by or for Aboriginal children

Read! Anyhow

There are many different ways
you can enjoy a good read -
and it won't always involve a book.

Read 3 interactive stories 
The Winter House - a short story that unfolds with interactive game elements
Inanimate Alice - the story of Alice and her imaginary digital friend Brad told through text, sound, images, games and music
We Tell Stories - Six authors, six stories. Digital fiction from Penguin

Read and listen to 3 classic stories from the past
Open Library has over one million free ebook titles with optional audio
Read 3 stories that touch your heart

Read and share 3 bedtime stories
Read 3 movie or TV tie-ins
Good Reading magazine guide for Books to Film

Read 3 poems or song lyrics
Read and tell 3 friends about it


As a teacher of over 30 years, I have witnessed the Better Beginnings program helping to transform children’s lives and given them greater potential to grow, learn and develop, perform well at school and succeed in later life.
Councillor David Lagan, Deputy Mayor, City of Stirling

I tell stories in Vietnamese and read to my children in English.  I only started reading English after receiving Better Beginnings. 

One mother reads with her four year old every afternoon after school now.  She said without these books, they would not have any to read. 
Teacher, Remote Community School

It’s wonderful to have support across the community emphasising the importance of reading and language development. 
Community Health Nurse

…I never thought of reading to my baby.  Better Beginnings has really boosted my confidence.