Free Books For Babies

Parents with newborn babies in WA can collect a free Better Beginnings reading pack from their local library or from their Community Child Health Nurse. 

You can find your nearest library using the Find a Library search at the top of this page.

You can also find your local child health clinic at the Healthy WA Website

Your reading pack includes:

  • A board book for your baby (this is a gift from your local council)
  • A nursery rhyme poster
  • A book list for babies and toddlers filled with great books to find at your local library
  • A brochure with tips for enjoying reading with your baby
  • 'It's Rhyme Time' booklet and DVD to sing along with
  • A library bag

"Children are made readers on the laps of their parents."
Emille Buchwal

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As a teacher of over 30 years, I have witnessed the Better Beginnings program helping to transform children’s lives and given them greater potential to grow, learn and develop, perform well at school and succeed in later life.
Councillor David Lagan, Deputy Mayor, City of Stirling

…I never thought of reading to my baby.  Better Beginnings has really boosted my confidence.