1000 words: STEM

This picture word book of 1000 first science words is the perfect STEM book for helping children learn. It introduces key scientific concepts while broadening children's vocabulary and strengthening their early reading and writing skills. Every picture-packed page is full of things such as sounds, light, senses, and machines, with words for each image.1000 Words- STEM clearly labels each picture, which encourages picture-and-word association and helps early reading. Each topic features questions that ask children to find things on the page or that stimulate thinking, talking, and early science skills. The words have been chosen with the help of a leading educational consultant, and include lots of useful nouns, plus some interesting adjectives, and common verbs.This fun and educational picture word book is a must-have first reference title for parents who are keen to develop their child's language, science, and literacy skills.

Unlike a picture book, which you would normally read from cover to cover, a factual book can be dipped in and out of, focusing on the illustrations and information that your young child is interested in.  Talk about what they already know about the topic and relate the information from the book to your child's life, if possible.  Factual books offer lots of new vocabulary and help broaden a child's general knowledge, both of which will later help your child to understand what they read themselves.

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Book Info

Author:Jules Pottle
Publisher:DK Children