Now that you have a toddler, it’s all go, go, go. They’re running instead of crawling and talking faster than they’re running. How do you support them? Keep singing, loud and proud!

Singing songs together is a great way to help children build their language skills. Sing to and with your little one whenever and wherever you like – preparing breakfast, getting dressed, on the swing, in the bath.

Reading aloud to your child is a great way to encourage them to learn new words and how to say them. It also helps fire up their curiosity and imagination. Finding the time and energy to sit down and read with an enthusiastic toddler can be a challenge. Reading a book to your toddler doesn’t need to take long. You could even read things you see when you’re out together, like street signs and food labels.

Another possible way to encourage reading when you’re on the go is to give your toddler a book to ‘read’ to you while you’re shopping or out and about together. Ask them to talk to you about the pictures and colours in the book.