Bears Love Squares

Triangles are tremendous, circles are sensational, but Bear loves squares ... Squares are nice and even. Their corners are just so. Squares are always just the same, Any way they go. Can Raccoon convince his friend Bear that other shapes can be fun too? He's got his work cut out because "triangles are too pointy" and "circles are too circley". And Bear loves SQUARES! A gloriously colourful celebration of shapes, friendship and the power of seeing things from a different perspective.

Learning about shapes not only helps children to build a foundation maths skill, but it also gets children ready to recognise letters, because letters are made up of shapes.  Reading and talking about shapes with your child will help your them to be ready to learn to read when they start school.

Where can I find a copy?

Book Info

Author:Caryl Hart
Illustrator:Edward Underwood
Publisher:Bloomsbury Children's Books