Brother, Sister, Me and You

From playing to tumbling to cuddling, this playful nonfiction picture book pairs rhythmic, rhyming text with adorable photographs as it explores sibling relationships in the animal kingdom. Little ones will delight in the similarities lion, turtle, and even bee siblings have with human brothers and sisters in this charming read-aloud book. It opens with 10 kinds of animal siblings and segues naturally into young human brothers and sisters. The children reprise the animal actions, from leaping and pouncing to splashing and bouncing, and finally snuggling down to sleep. Interesting facts about each featured animal are provided for further learning.

Sharing simple factual books that cover topics of interest to your child will help them to build their background knowledge.  A good general knowledge will make it easier for children to understand more of what they later read themselves.

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Book Info

Author:Mary Quattlebaum
Publisher:National Geographic Kids