There are five things you can do with your baby to help teach them the skills they’ll need later to read and write. Not only will these boost your baby’s understanding of language and set them up to read, they’ll help you bond too.

We have tips on the sorts of books to buy here this will guide you on the books that babies like.

If English is your second language we have some tips for reading with your baby here.

Try the below ideas whenever you’re ready.


Give your baby lots of time to explore books. On the changing mat or in the shopping trolley – these are great opportunities to distract your baby with a book.

Waterproof books are a great addition to bath time. Don’t forget to pop books into your pram when you’re out and about.


As you go about your day, talk to your baby about what you’re doing or what they might be seeing. Your child will be listening and learning from everything you say.


Sing nursery rhymes (or your favourite songs) whenever you fancy it. Cooking dinner, in the car, or a soft lullaby as part of your bedtime routine are all fun ways to teach language to your baby.


Help your baby wave hello and goodbye, or clap along to songs. These develop those little finger muscles that baby will need to write.


Tickling or blowing raspberries on your child’s tummy is a fun way to spend time together and bond. Your baby will reward you with the most beautiful sounds of laughter.


Tips for Bilingual Families (939.92 KB, pdf)
Tips for Buying Baby Books (556.9 KB, pdf)