Better Beginnings provides every two-year-old child in Western Australia a free reading pack.

Your reading pack includes:

  • A rhyming picture book by a popular Australian author
  • A nursery rhyme CD and booklet with lots of fun rhymes to share (the songs can also be downloaded below)
  • A nursery rhyme puzzle magnet to keep on your fridge at home
  • An orange library bag.

Your Community Child Health Nurse can supply you with a reading pack when you visit your local Child Health clinic with your toddler for their two-year-old health check. You can search for your closest Maternal, Child & Family Health Centre here.

Alternatively, you can go directly to your local library and ask for a Better Beginnings Sing With Me pack. Search for your nearest library using our Find a Library.

While you’re there, why not ask about Story Time sessions?

What does a public library offer families?
  • Free membership
  • Books and online activities
  • Free programs, like Rhyme Time and Story Time
  • A chance to get out of the house and visit a welcoming environment.

In addition to your free reading packs your local public library may also have Discovery Backpacks for you to borrow. Discovery Backpacks are a free resource for all Western Australian families. Each backpack contains a number of resources including books and complimentary early learning activities to encourage parents and caregivers to Read, Talk, Sing, Write and Play with their child every day. Check with your local library for availability.