Better Beginnings provides every two-year-old child in Western Australia a free reading pack.

Your reading pack includes:

  • A rhyming picture book by a popular Australian author
  • A nursery rhyme CD and booklet with lots of fun rhymes to share (the songs can also be downloaded below)
  • A nursery rhyme puzzle magnet to keep on your fridge at home
  • An orange library bag.

Your Community Child Health Nurse can supply you with a reading pack when you visit your local Child Health clinic with your toddler for their two-year-old health check. You can search for your closest Maternal, Child & Family Health Centre here.

Alternatively, you can go directly to your local library and ask for a Better Beginnings Sing With Me pack. Search for your nearest library using our Find a Library.

While you’re there, why not ask about Story Time sessions?

What does a public library offer families?
  • Free membership
  • Books and online activities
  • Free programs, like Rhyme Time and Story Time
  • A chance to get out of the house and visit a welcoming environment.