The brain is developing very quickly at this age, which could explain why your toddler seems to be running a hundred miles a minute.  Did you know by the age of three, your toddler’s brain is 75 percent the size of an adult brain? No wonder they’re so excited by the world and have developed such strong opinions! Their personalities really start to come out at this age.


Give your child a book to read or look at when you’re in the car.

Your toddler will often have a favourite book which they want you to read over and over. This might feel tedious but hang in there – they’ll move onto a new one eventually. Repetition is great for little minds; it solidifies their learning and provides comfort and familiarity.


When you’re at the park ask your toddler questions that encourage more than a yes or no answer. For example, “Why do you like the swing?” or, “How does yellow make you feel?”


Sing nursery rhymes with your toddler any time you can. Pause at the end of a line and encourage your child to finish the rhyme.


If you have Duplo or other building blocks in the house, encourage your toddler to build things. No problem if you don’t have blocks – there are lots of household items you can use instead. Try cereal, shoe or nappy boxes, empty plant pots or berry tubs, erasers, rulers and yoghurt pots. 

Let your child help you hang out the washing and ask them to open and close the pegs. This works well if you have a clothes horse in the house. Or, tie some string between two table legs and give your toddler some socks to hang.


Pots and pans with a wooden spoon make great drums. Your little one will happily bang away for as long as you can stand it!

Build a pillow fort using your couch cushions and a sheet.