Your four-year-old has learned many words and phrases over the past four years. Well done guiding them on this journey. For some handy tips and activities download the following flyer for 4 - 5 year old children.

Take them to their local library and encourage them to choose books to take home. You can borrow 12 books at a time from most libraries.

Ask your child to read one of their chosen books to you. Help them sound out words they might find difficult. If the word is unusual, explain what it means. Or look it up in on online dictionary and find out together. This will help your child realise that problems can be solved with the right strategies.   

If you have other children or other grown ups at home, ask your four-year-old to tell them a story. The dinner table is a wonderful time for storytelling.

Look for opportunities in your every day to read together with your child. If you’re baking, read the recipe together and encourage your child to read any words or numbers they recognise. If you’re walking through a door, ask your child to read the Open or Exit signs.


Tips for Kids 4-5 Years (1.03 MB, pdf)